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Soup of This Day #1: No Judgement Here

May 21, 2011

A flat tyre
A flat tyre. It’s deflating but with a bit of work it can be fixed – Photo: Ildar Sagdejev, 2008. Ildar Sagdejev is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

Some days it’s easy and the words just flow. You get a coherent series of thoughts, like musical notes in a melody. The baseline in ‘Hey Jude’ – Towards the end. The buh-duh duh doomp doomp duh-doomp doomp.

Some days it’s flat and the words are hard. Grab a thesaurus and you can still force them out, but they’re discordant, harsh and pointless. Jazz when it’s labored.

Today is a flat day for me . Which makes it a bit strange that I’m kicking off a blog today. Wait till tomorrow maybe. Might happen then. Might get that rally started, bottom of the third maybe.


That’s the key word: ‘Maybe’. Because maybe tomorrow will be flat too. Because the first step is often a doozy. Because this is a blog about sport and some days your team loses. You’ve still got to play. And so, on this flat day, we begin…

Sport. I love sport. Even on low key days for me. Today is such a day.

It’s a Saturday night and Liverpool FC aren’t up tll tomorrow night. Last of the season for them and they’re not really in the hunt for anything. They could squeeze into the Europa Cup for next season if results go for them but here’s the rub: The Europa League is Europes second tier club comp. It’s continental bush league and an unwelcome distraction for a club whose grail is the English Premier League title. That grail has been elusive this year and it’s hard to muster enthusiasm for the tail (and tale) of a season of mediocrity.

Yeah, there’s hope for next year, particularly with King Kenny (Dalglish) as the boss, but hope has been dropping by for a pint of best every June through August for the past two decades (It was pineapple juice for a couple of those years). Welcome to Flatsville, population me and some others – We don’t walk alone in these parts.

There was some baseball this morning and the Red Sox won their 7th on the trot, a 15-5 demolition of the hapless Cubs. History aside (more on that later), Jon Lester was shaky on the mound for the Sox but could have been a lot worse and would still have had a ‘w’ against his name, thanks to a smoking offense.

Adrian Gonzalez has to be the best bat in the league right now and his 4 RBI effort was just another day in his Fenway office. The Sox move to 24 and 20 and into the wildcard slot, just half a game off the division-leading Rays. From the 2 and 10 start for ‘the greatest team ever’ they’re now rolling ok, having taken 22 and 10 since. Can’t shake the feeling that the opposition, or lack thereof, devalues the win today. The Cubbies starter, Doug Davis, had an ERA of 27.00 when he was pulled, flat out like a lizard drinking.

Also today the Freo Dockers bounced back from an Australian Football League (AFL) Derby (Pronounced Dur-bee folks) loss to West Coast last week and pummeled the Power in Adelaide. Hard to get a line on the Dockers out of this one as Port were woeful through the first half and only marginally better thereafter. Nat Fyfe and Big Aaron Sandilands were good for the Dockers. Next week they take on the Saints at Subi Oval so I’ll wait till then to get excited (maybe). Can you win by 52 in Adelaide and still be flat? Defin-flatly.

As I type this I’m watching a delayed broadcast of Q2 for the Spanish GP at Catalunya. No great dramas and Vettel and Webber atop the timesheets so no great surprises either.

Actually, Q2 is done and that’s the order. Button half a second off the pace in third. Fingers crossed for Mark Webber in Q3 – The expert pundits are suggesting that there will be only one flying lap from the big guns as they look to conserve the soft option Pirellis for race day tomorrow. I’ll comment further shortly – As I type Button is kicking off Q3 and there are 8:05 minutes of predictability/madness left…

I alluded to history when talking about the Sox-Cubs game earlier. It has been 93 years since these two storied clubs last met at fenway. The Sox reside inthe American League and the Cubs in the National League and since regular season inter-league play has only been around for the past 15 years or so the only way…

Vettel in provisional pole.

… these two teams could meet would be in a World Series.

That provisional pole lasted for all of 30 seconds and now sits with Webber after a scorcher. Hard to see that being topped in the last 4 minutes.

Anyhow, the Cubs haven’t been that deep in October since that last meeting in 1918 (103 years since they have won it) at the same time as the Sox. The Sox haven’t exactly been successful in that department either until 2004, when they won their first Fall Classic since that 1918 triumph. Their 86-year drought was put down to the Curse of the Bambino after they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

In the Cubs corner their run has been put down to a slew of curses, most notably one involving a goat. The Cubs have played out of Wrigley Field since 1916, through all of the turgid luck. The Wrigley family are mostly known around the world for their contribution to chewing gum. Which comes in sticks. That are flat.

Webber has pole. Vettel and Hamilton will start second and third on the grid tomorrow. Reported problems (again) with the Red Bull KERs system – Vettel the main victim today apparently. Can Webber hold off the rest of the field going into turn one with a dodgy KERs power boost and a start that makes me look quick off the line in a 92 Fore Runner? I’m going with a flat ‘No’.

I’m done for the day. Spanish GP tomorrow and the Sox and Cubs go retro for Game 2 of the series. Aceves getting a rare star for Boston so maybe there’ll be some fireworks there.

I’ll leave with another sporting reason to be flat. Tyler Hamilton has pointed the finger at Lance Armstrong for EPO blood boosting. I’ll maybe talk about this later when I can get some thoughts together. Lance is a freaking hero to a lot of people, including me. The guy, who seemed immortal…


Flat tyre.

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