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Soup of This Day #13: Liverpool Take Henderson, Boston Take Out the Yankees. Again.

June 8, 2011

New Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium, aka Big Papi’s Bat Flippin’ Emporium – Photo: BuickCenturyDriver, 2009. BuickCenturyDriver has no affiliation with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

Ah the Yankees. Like a warming blanket and hearty stew on a winter’s night. Feeling down Big Papi? C’mon and play with the boys from the Bronx. They’ll have you flippin’ your bat and speaking about yourself in third person in no time.

The Red Sox did this morning what this vintage of Red Sox does: They took the Yankees in New York for the 4th straight. Sure, they made it a bit easier on Lester by taking Freddy Garcia to the cleaner’s early. A lead-off long shot to Ellsbury was supplemented by some nice work from Gonzalez (again) who brought home Pedroia (and very nearly himself as well) and Youk, who helped Gonzalez around the bases. Bottom of the first, Lester gave one back and took Mark Teixiera’s knee out of the game, the rest of Teixiera following suit about the same time. Top of the second and Pedroia’s double brought home Salty and Girardi decided to send Garcia to the rooms.

Lester kept things quiet, albeit with a mounting pitch count, while on the flipside Papi got to do his thing, bring Gonzalez (again) with him on a tour of the bases in the 5th. The hit was long to right, landing a good few rows back. Papi flipped the bat and may have ambled a bit too much on his wander back home, irking Girardi enough for him to comment post-game. Lester then gave up a couple, bottom of the 5th and the Yankees might have sensed a fightback. Sensin’ anin’t doin’ and Lester kept it quiet through the 6th before handing over to Jenks for the 7th. Lester managed 112, which is 108 more than Jenks who retired hurt after 4. No matter, the Yankees stayed quiet until the bottom of the 9th against Papelbon. Posada with an RBI single on 2 outs. Papelbon then struck out A-Rod swinging – His 12th save of the season and his 200 of all-time. He is the fastest to reach 200, getting there in 359 games, 23 better than Mariano Rivera’s 382. Papelbon with the celebration then, Lester the win.

So a happy night for Fenway Sports Group and as it turned out a productive one too. FSG are also the owners of Liverpool FC and with the transfer window open in European football they laid down another marker for where the club will be heading. Liverpool acquired 20 year old Jordan Henderson from Sunderland for a fee thought to be around £20 million. That figure includes David Ngog going the other way. Henderson is undeniably talented but represents a risk at that price. Ngog leaving mitigates that and Liverpool are building for the future – This could be one of those transfers we look back on as good business. Either way it’s a clear sign that FSG are bringing some baseball style recruiting policies to the Premier League. In the week of the MLB draft, where it’s all about projections, Liverpool have bought a player for what they think he will do and not what he has done. I like it.

The Yankees tomorrow and they will almost certainly be without Teixera, although scans showed that he avoided fractures and got out of it with some contusions. Wakefield on the mound – Kinda fitting that in a week where it’s all about the next generation, here’s a 44 year old knuckleballer starting and getting it done.

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