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Soup of This Day #15: Change Your Password From Redsox to Natfyfe7

June 11, 2011

Kheops Pyramid
The Great Pyramid of Giza – The oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and ironically the last 1 left standing – Photo: Nina Aldin Thune, 2005. Nina Aldin Thune is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

The theme for this post is the number 7. I wanted to open with the line: Apparently if you ask someone to choose a number between 1 and 10 they are most likely to choose 7. Unfortunately my ‘research’ has been unable to confirm or deny this. You’ll note that I encased ‘research’ in inverted commas. This is because ‘research’ for me on non-sporting related material is basically down to one apathetic guy and the Internet. About the only thing I could find is that 7777777 is on a list of the 500 worst passwords. It’s at 304, just behind ‘amateur’ and ahead of ‘muffin’. In honour of this piece of admittedly dubious trivia I thought I’d run through 7 occurrences of the number 7 in this blog’s sporting world while amateurishly eating a muffin.

Maybe skipping the muffin.

1. Kenny Dalglish is considered to be one of Liverpool FC’s greatest ever players. In a 2006 poll commissioned by the club he was voted number 1 out of 100 Players Who Shook The Kop. And that was 16 years after he had last played for the Red Men from Merseyside. Dalglish arrived at Liverpool from Celtic in the late 70’s. He was required as a replacement for Kevin Keegan, himself a Liverpool legend. Keegan had amassed exactly 100 goals over 6 seasons for the club but had decided that he needed to play abroad. This left Dalglish with big boots to fill and a then British record fee of £440,000 didn’t exactly lower the pass mark either. If he felt the pressure though he somehow thrived on it – He scored on his League debut and then, in a playing career that stretched through to 1990, albeit sporadically for the final 5 years, he amassed 172 goals in 515 appearances. As a player he contributed to 6 1st Division titles, 1 FA Cup, 4 League Cups and 3 European Cups. From 1985 until 1991 he managed Liverpool, early on balancing duty as the boss with that of a player. With him at the helm, Liverpool won 3 1st Division titles (Including 1 also as a player) and 3 FA Cups (Including 1 also as a player). He left the club in 91, worn down, perhaps drained by the Hillsborough disaster – He had attended many of the funerals of the 96 fans that had died. He returned to manage Blackburn to the Premiership title (Formerly Division 1) in 1995, leaving not long after. Largely unsuccessful stints at Newcastle and Celtic followed before he became a club ambassador for Liverpool in 2009. Earlier this year he stepped in as a, then, stop-gate Manager, following the resignation of Roy Hodgson after a string of poor results. He has since turned the club around, injecting hope into a club that needs to believe in it’s heroes. Recently appointed on a 3 year contract, Dalglish is a man who loves this club – When asked if it was nice for the fans to sing to him on his birthday he replied that every day he comes to work for Liverpool FC it’s his birthday. You’re probably wondering where the 7 comes into this. It’s not because he arrived in Liverpool in 1977, it’s simply because when he did arrive he inherited Keegan’s shirt and made it his own. The shirt number was 7.

2. The number 7 jumper is worn at the Fremantle Dockers by 19 year old Nathan Fyfe, a guy who has the goods to be a superstar. Fyfe is a Western Australian by birth, hailing from Lake Grace in the Eastern Wheatbelt. He played for Claremont’s colts side in the WAFL before being selected at 20 in the 2009 AFL Draft by Freo. He made his debut in 2010 as the 150th player for the Dockers and went on to win the AFL Rising Star nomination for Round 9 of that season. In 2011 Nat Fyfe is a stand-out in a side struggling to live up to big expectations. Good overhead with a safe pair of hands, he’s averaging over 27 possessions and 1 goal per game. At 192 cm (6′ 1″) and 82 kg (170 lbs) the kid has a smart football brain and when he needs to move can get on his bike. I’m lining him up as a smokey for the Brownlow, the award for fairest and best in the AFL, for 2011 and reckon he’ll be in that line for a few years to come.

3. The next 7 is a bit of a no-brainer. From Nat Fyfe, a kid who I’m tipping will be something else to a guy who was not just something else but better than all of the something elses out there. The 3rd 7 is for the number of times Lance Armstrong has won the Tour De France. I’ve talked about the Texan before so I won’t rehash why he’s one of my heroes or even why his legacy is at risk. Instead I’ll point out that from 1999 until 2005 he won the most difficult cycling race in the world and arguably one of the most gruelling tests of strength and stamina that exists in the sporting world. It’s not about the bike Lance, we know that. It’s about a guy who beat a cancer that would have got the better of most others and came back in an event that isn’t overly given to accepting passengers. 7 Tours is 7 more than almost everyone else can dream of.

4. Which brings us to one of my own personal dreams, to score the winning goal for Liverpool in an FA Cup Final with seconds to spare. I’m kind of resigned to not making that one come true but in May of 2006 I got to see the next best thing. West Ham led Liverpool 3-2 into injury time of a dramatic cup final. The stadium announcer was just announcing 4 minutes of time added on and players were seemingly dropping all over the pitch from exhaustion, cramp, or both. One of the playes in difficulty was Steve Gerrard, Liverpool’s inspirational captain and scorer of their 2nd goal. In spite of his tiredness he latched onto a headed clearance and from 35 m out absolutely belted the ball past a despairing Hammers keeper, Shaka Hislop, for one of the goals of this or any Cup Final. After scoring, Gerrard pointed to the name on the back of the shirt, prompting commentater Martin Tyler to remark, ‘Oh we know the name son…’ Liverpool went on to clinch the game on penalties, earning themselves their 7th FA Cup.

About now would be a good time to talk about the Red Sox and their heroics in the 7 game 2004 ALCS, when they came back from the dead against the Yankees. Down 0-3 and 3-4 going into the bottom of the 9th in Game 4 the Red Sox could have just followed history’s sorry path home. Instead they rallied to win Game 4 in 12 innings, Game 5 in 14 innings, Game 6 by 2 runs and Game 7 by, wait for it… 7 runs. In New York. At Yankee Stadium. But you know what? I’m not counting that – I had some other 7s in mind for the Red Sox, something of a more recent vintage.

5. & 6. The Red Sox went into the final game of a 3 night stand against the Yankees in New York yesterday. As reported in Soupy Chunk #1 they got the win. For 6 innings it seemed like that would not be the case. Josh Beckett was good, giving up a 2 run long shot in the first but keeping the Yankees quiet thereafter. CC Sabathia, looking more and more like Forest Whitaker, kept the Boston bats quiet for the other side. Until the 7th. Top of the 7th and the Red Sox got going. Forest had hit Big Papi early on, possible retribution for Beckett hits on Jeter and A-Rod, and he and the Yanks paid. Ortiz led off the innings with a single and Lowrie brought him in with a RBI triple. Cameron brought in Lowrie with an RBI double. Ellsbury then brought in Cameron with an RBI single. Gonzalez (again) singled to bat in Varitek and see Forest off to repeats of The Crying Game. No matter, Youk with an RBI single and then Big Papi with a double that scored 2 rounded out the inning. 7 runs, top of the 7th and 2 more 7s for the tally. Gonzalez (again) added icing with an RBI in the 8th, more than enough for a late Jeter RBI. Boston 8-3 and 6 on the trot.

7. Well, that’s 6 7s (Bemusingly that’s 487 on the list of 500 worst passwords). The 7th needs to wait for a recap of this morning’s Red Sox at Toronto encounter. Boston welcomed the, slightly, injured Clay Buchholz back into the rotation and he did not disappoint. He threw 100 across 7 innings, allowing just 3 hits and 1 run. It was to be the only Blue Jays run of the night. Meanwhile on offence, RBI singles to Pedroia and Youk were complemented by an RBI single and an RBI double to Gonzalez (again). Gonzalez (again) also grounded out into a double play that nonetheless scored a run. 5-1 to the Red Sox and folks, this gives us our last 7. You see, that’s 7 on the trot now for the Red Sox, who move to 37-26, including 33 of 37 from streaks of 3 or more.

I’ll leave you with this: 306th on that list of the 500 worst passwords, right below ‘muffin’, is ‘redsox’. My suggestion is that if you have that as your password you change it to ‘natfyfe7’ for now. He’s gonna be big one day but for now I reckon you can get away with it.

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