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Soup of This Day #49: The Wolf Is Always At The Door

August 13, 2011

Polish sausage
Sausages. Don’t drop them into a public pool. It’s not a good look – Photo: Mariuszjbie, 2007. Mariuszjbie is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

This is a time restricted post. It’s a lazy winter’s Saturday in Perth, approaching 1pm. The weather is coolish but the sun is out. We’re expecting showers and maybe even storms later today but for now there isn’t much hint of that – Can’t see any clouds hanging around in the brilliant blue. Earlier today I took Noah for swimming lessons. The kid did good, not even breaking stroke when we got evacuated from the main pool, Caddyshack style. The upshot of all that exercise is that he’s gone down for a nap and based on the form book of recent weeks we’re looking at 90 minutes tops for his dad to chill out, eat some lunch and write this post.

Longworth72 is good for it. Frozen meal in the microwave (Indian Beef Korma), a Red Sox game on the iPad and a soundtrack of The Eagles for good measure.

1st: M’s 2-0. Lackey shaky from the off concedes 2.

The Red Sox had a 3 game series at the Twins since I last posted. Game 1 was a start for Tim Wakefield, still in pursuit of 200 wins. It looked ok early as a Scutaro single broke it 1-0 to the Sox. Unfortunately the Twins yanked back 3 in the 2nd and added 2 more by the 5th to lead it 5-1. In the 6th a Gonzalez (again) sac fly and then a Big Papi 2 run shot that was monstered to the upper deck, all of 438 feet distant, edged it to 5-4. It was tied a play later with a Salty solo shot. The Sox then took Wake to the brink with an Aviles RBI in the 8th, only for Aceves to kill the buzz by conceding a tying run in the bottom of the same innings.

Still the Sox salvaged a win from the outing with an Ortiz RBI single, 2 out in the 9th. Salty banged in an RBI double for insurance and that’s how it finished after the Twins had nothing against Papelbon. 8-6 and the Sox traveling ok although Wake has to be disappointed.

2nd: M’s 3-2. 2 to the Sox via a Big Papi solo bomb and an Aviles sac fly. Lackey hands 1 back though.

Game 2 and Bedard with his 2nd outing. He was shaky early(or ‘lackey’ as I like to call it now) and gave up 2 in the 1st. It took until the 5th for McDonald to knock a 2 run blast to left, which squared things up. Varitek then with a solo shot in the 6th and the Sox were in front. Bedard sat down at this point having thrown 5 innings for 90 pitches. 3 hits and 2 runs a decent offering from the Canadian lefty although the club would probably have liked more innings from him to lessen the load on a stretched pen.

Albers gave up a run in relief in the 6th and it was a 3-3 ballgame. It was then down to Big Papi and Papelbon to take the game. Ortiz hit a soft single that was fumbled by stumbling Twins reliever Phil Doumatrait, allowing Pedroia to score. The 4-3 was all Papelbon needed as he recorded yet another save, setting up Big Papi for this post-game… ummm… line:

‘We’re the Sox. Not Apple Sox. We ain’t no Barbeque Sox. We’re the Red Sox.’

Yeah, whatever mate. Longworth72 is the lizard king.

4th: M’s 4-2. Big John coughs up another. Is it going to be 1 of those?

Game 3 and the Sox were seeking a sweep of the Twins. Lester with the start and it was tight from the first pitch. The Sox ace gave up 1 in the 1st off the back of a walk and 3 hits. It stayed that way through to the 6th when a bizarre ground rule double on fan interference made it 2-0 to the Twins. In the 7th an RBI single from Scutaro got the Sox on the board and a Big Papi solo shot in the 8th drew parity at 2-2. Sadly that was as close as they got as Lester gave up a run in the bottom of the 8th, a feat matched and then bettered by Aceves who gave up 2. With the Sox unable to reply in the 9th it finished 5-2. Lester to 11 and 6 which was about right given the 5 walks and 7 hits he gave up.

5th: M’s 4-3. Sox edge back via a Lowrie solo shot. Welcome back Jed.

And so onto this weekend and the Dockers are now hosting Carlton at Subi in a must-win encounter for Freo. They have gambled, bringing back Biggest Aaron Sandilands from injury earlier than expected. As I type this it’s deep in the 1st quarter and the Blues lead it 4.4 (28) to the Dockers 3.0 (18). The Pav with the opener and the other majors for Freo from Biggest Aaron Lite, Zac Clarke and Alex Silvagni. Get mad, get purple and get even people.

6th: Sox 5-4. Moving day as Reddick knocks a 2 run blast home. Josh needed that as he was 1 for 14 ABs prior.

Still on the AFL and there has been much chatter about the number of blow-out wins so far this season. There have been 10 100+ wins so far, with Geelong’s 186 point hiding of Melbourne followed the next weekend by Geelong’s 150 point belting of Gold Coast being the standouts. Such wins have almost shaded the 100+ point shellackings handed out by Collingwood, West Coast and Hawthorn. The AFL says it’s a reality we all have to expect, with the league expanding to 17 this year and 18 next time out, stretching a finite talent pool. Some clubs wonder at the fact that the clubs on the winning side of these massacres are part of the cashed-to-the-eyeballs elite, whilst the victims are at the poor end of town. It’s the poor clubs who wonder at this. The rich clubs, led by Collingwood and Hawthorn, just sniff that the answer lies in poor clubs getting richer.

‘Cos that’s easy once you set your mind to it. Why, I feel like being richer right now. That will surely solve my financial issues.

As I write this, Hawthorn, a proud member of the elite, is belting on Port Adelaide to the tune of just over 100 points midway through the 3rd quarter. Port is officially the poorest club in the AFL, propped up by desperate cash injections from the League. Can’t imagine why those poor clubs are seeing red?

7th: Sox 6-4. RBI single to Ortiz and there’s breathing room. As in breathing room for a butterfly.

Actually seeing red is ok for tonight. Liverpool FC kick off the 2011/12 EPL with the visit of Sunderland to Anfield. There is a lot of buzz around the place, partly on account of manager Kenny Dalglish and partly because of the roughly 105 million he’s spent on new talent since his return to the helm in February. Although 50 million came from the sale of want-away pansy Fernando Torres, there has still been a massive outlay by Dalglish, Director of Football, Damien Comolli and owners, FSG. Consequently there are some expectations and I’ll buy into that by suggesting that the Reds should win this 1st encounter easily. 3-0 to the forces of good, with the Black Cats being unlucky for just themselves.

Bottom of 9th: Sox 6-4. Sox can’t add to their tally and here comes Papelbon to try for the close. Ackley is 2 from 3 and is at the plate.

On the Red Sox/Liverpool FC nexus and Ian Ayre, Liverpool’s Managing Director interviewed Tom Werner, Chairman of the Red Sox and Liverpool FC, at Fenway the other day. The conversation included talk about similarities between the 2 great clubs and how FSG is hoping for the magic to go both ways. Both the 2004 World Series and 2005 Miracle in Istanbul featured in the back-and-forth.

Bottom of 9th continued: Papelbon to Ackley (.299 with 1 RBI today, 2 singles and a walk). Strike 1. Strike 2. Strike 3, swinging. 1 out.

Bottom of the 9th continued: 1 out, Papelbon to Carp (.325, 3 from 4 with 3 RBIs today). Strike 1. Ball 1. Strike 2. Fly ball to Ellsbury in center field. 2 out.

Bottom of the 9th continued: 2 out, Papelbon to Seager (.146, 0 for 2 today). Ball 1. Strike 1. Single. 1 on 1st and 2 out.

Bottom of the 9th continued: 2 out and 1 on, Paplebon to Kennedy (.241 and 0 from 4 today). Foul for strike 1. Ball 1. Seager steals 2nd, workin’ on some night moves in the summertime. Sorry. Foul tip for strike 2. Out – Kennedy pops out to Aviles in foul territory and the Sox win.

And so heading into a big weekend of sport the Sox play their part improving to 73 and 44 with a 1.5 game lead over the Yankees who went down 5-1 to the Rays. Papelbon with yet another save and over his last 12, has pitched 12 innings for 3 hits and no runs. Give him a new contract please. Meanwhile Lackey has moved to an improbable 11 and 8 and how the hell that has happened is anyone’s guess. I think the answer might lie in a stellar offence.

And right on cue, The Noah awakens…

I’ll try to post something after the Liverpool game tonight but no guarantees. In the meantime, take it easy, don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.

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