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Soup of This Day #79: Part 1, I Know That A Man Ain’t Supposed To Cry

September 29, 2011

Tanka AsleepDon’t feed raisins to dogs. They will make them very sick. Tanka and I talked and I think he dislikes bloody raisins anyway – Photo: Longworth72, 2005. Image cropped by Longworth72.

There were raisins in my salad today.

I get my lunch from a nice little place across the road from work. They do some tasty gourmet rolls, the beef, brie and caramelised onion is good, and they do a small selection of fresh, innovative salads. I like to get a large to go, with 2 different salads side-by-side. The lunchbar does this extra thing where they stick an end of bread and a knob of butter in the bag as well so it’s really a nice lunch. Today I got the green salad with beans, various lettuce, snow peas and feta, alongside the broccoli salad with it’s florets of broccoli, bacon and crunchy pine nuts.

And honey soaked raisins hidden throughout.

Raisins start the summer as almost ripe grapes. They have grown on vines that were pruned, trained and tended across winter and spring. You sink a bit of money and care into those vines and you’re rewarded at the start of summer with fruit which is nearly ready. They mostly look ok but generally the sugar content isn’t quite right for picking. They’re a nice size and the colour can be ok but they’re often a little sour. All that changes over a matter of days or weeks. The warming sun ripens the fruit and they become these sweet, juicy grapes, full of promise and zip.

So you pick them and then over the course of the summer you dry them. They shrivel up, becoming rubbery and dry. The promise is gone along with the zip, replaced by a sickly, collapsed husk. Sure you can spruce them up by soaking them in honey but really the magic has gone. Raisins are summer’s hopes crumbling in autumn.

That’s before you even eat them. Once you do scoff some, those raisins can have a laxative effect. That’s right, raisins can give you the @#$%s.

What’s more they’re a choking hazard. Especially when they are buried in your salad and you don’t see them there, lurking amongst the broccoli. To make it worse they mix the salads together and suddenly you have raisins throughout the whole show, too many of them to pick them out. It would be no surprise if there was choking galore with that kind of scenario.

All of this adds up and I hope that you can see how those raisins ruined my lunch.

And then the Red Sox lost today, while the Rays were handed a win by the Yankees so season 2011 is done for Boston. It’s a little too raw to talk about so I’ll save the detail for later. Instead I’d just like to go back to focusing on the raisins in my salad.

Yep, those raisins, with all the money and care sunk into them over winter and spring and their summer starting off on a sour note before building promise and richness as the season progresses. Then there is the sucking out of vitality, the collapse and finally the whole choking thing and giving everyone the @#$%s as autumn gets going. There’s no room for raisins in autumn.

Yeah, let’s talk about those raisins and not the Red Sox.

Bloody raisins hurt me today. They really did.

I Know That A Man Ain’t Supposed To Cry

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