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Soup of This Day #94: On Top Of Spaghetti, All Covered in Cheese

November 3, 2011

Spaghetti drying. It was that or a photo of Roger Clemons in pinstripes. I like spaghetti – Photo: Nnaluci, 2008. Nnaluci is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

My wife cooks great meatballs. They’re so good I wanted her to vow at our wedding to cook me meatballs on a regular basis. Sadly though, she recently resorted to frozen meatballs. Yep, my wife used synthetic meatballs. She juiced em up and used them as a substitute for her own, awesome meatballs. When you read this honey, I’m not saying the meatballs were bad. They were good. Obviously not as good as yours. I’m not saying I didn’t appreciate you cooking dinner. I did appreciate it and the fact that you got it on the table under pressure from a toddler raging against the dying of the day is testament to your strength and ability. All the more so because you were battling nausea, doing the dishes and taking care of a sick cat at the same time.

Come to think of it I’m probably not getting my Scouting ‘Good Husband’ badge for that night.

Either way it was a fantastic effort babe – I’m just saying that you substituted meatballs. That’s all.

Fortunately, as meatball conniseurs know, it’s not just about the tasty ball of lamb. If you’re a beef meatball kind of person then stop reading right now – This blog is not for you – Nay, this is a blog for lovers and that means lamb.

Anyway it’s not just about the lamb – There’s the sauce too. You need a good sauce, a tomato base that is slightly acidic to cut through the richness of the lamb, maybe dressed up wih some basil, olives, some red wine and a touch of parmesan.

Yep, meatballs and a good sauce on a winter’s eve in Perth. Then leftover’s on a cold blustery day for lunch, maybe watching the Red Sox in a late game. Hopefully seeing a Boston starter on the mound pitching the good stuff, no meatballs over home plate, just meatballs on my plate.

Roger ‘Rocket’ Clemons used to pitch for the Boston Red Sox. He shares the record for the most Sox wins with Cy Young, 192 of them across 12 seasons. He also pitched for a number of other teams, the Blue Jays, the bloody Yankees, the Astros and then the bloody pinstripers again. I may be a little bitter about the part where he went to the Yankees.

All-in-all Rocket pitched for 354 wins and 184 losses, 9th on the all-time list. He won 7 Cy Young awards spanning both Leagues and in the 2005 2nd Edition of the Sporting News list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players, Rocket features on the cover along with Babe Ruth and is in the list at #15. He appears as himself, hypnotised into clucking like a chicken, in the seminal Simpson’s episode ‘Homer at the Bat’. 11 times he was an All-Star and twice a World Series Champion. He did all of this across 23 years, finally calling it quits at the age of 45, still a brash force of nature that tore down all that opposed him.

Except it’s possible that he was no more a force of nature than those pinch-hitting meatballs. Rocket was allegedly juiced. We don’t know exactly how much or for how long but given that he was active throughout almost all of the Steroid Era and given the testimony of colleagues it’s fair to say that he was likely juiced for most of the time. He won’t admit it, possibly because it isn’t true or maybe just because the lie has got so big that he doesn’t disbelieve it himself anymore. A recent trial ended in a mis-trial through prosecutorial misconduct and his supporters (there aren’t many) point to this as proof of innocence. Pretty much everyone else just shakes their head and waits for what they see as the inevitable admission and completion of the fall from grace.

Meanwhile Rocket wants to make a comeback. Rocket wants to play in Puerto Rico. With his son, which is admirable. What is less likeable is that Rocket has a large question mark hanging over his head and his attitude to that has been less than respectful.

Roger Clemons is a meatball. A beef meatball. And now that he’s got no sauce he’s just a little bit sad.

On Top Of Spaghetti, All Covered In Cheese

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