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Soup of This Day #175: In A World Full Of People You Can Lose Sight Of It All

April 29, 2012

James's Flamingo (Phoenicoparrus jamesi)
A flock of James’s Flamingos (Phoenicoparrus jamesi) undertaking a mating ritual. This South American flamingo has pale pink plumage and red legs. See, you can go with the red socks and legitimately rock a pink cap – Photo: Pedros Szekely, 2006. Pedros Szekely is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

I don’t really like the colour pink.

Don’t get me wrong – My dislike of pink isn’t as laden with meaning as it can be for a lot of Red Sox fans.

For some die-hards the colour pink is seen as characteristic of recent converts to the Red Sox supporting base – People who have jumped on the bandwagon, circumventing the tradition and the long suffering are referred to as ‘Pink Hats’, because, allegedly, they can be seen throughout the bleachers at Fenway in fashionable look-at-me Red Sox caps of pink.

I think people who object to the colour pink in a Red Sox hat on these grounds are a little misguided.

For a start, Red Sox caps are available in pretty much every colour in the rainbow – Sometimes all of them in 1 hat. Whilst that kind of range is relatively new the design of the Red Sox gear hasn’t exactly been fixed since the club began. They’ve played in grey, white, cream, red, blue and dozens of variations or combinations of those colours. If you look good in pink and support the Red Sox then go for it I say.

And that is my only problem with pink. I don’t look good in it. It’s just not for me. To be fair there’s a whole lot of things I don’t look good in – Such as tight jeans and clown get-up. That’s right kids – Put me in tight pink jeans and stick face paint on me and mirrors will crack.

You could however make the tight jeans a little more palatable with the right colour. So too the clown stuff. The reverse though is not true – I can’t think of anything that would look ok on me that is pink.

I’m talking about pink because the Boston Red Sox are currently matching up with the Chicago White Sox in a 4 game series in the Windy City. Some fans label this a ‘Pink Sox Series’ because it features Red and White Sox and when you mix red and white you surely get pink.

I’m not fond of the term.

It just brings back memories of that time Mum washed my red socks with white 1s and I ended up having to wear pink socks to school.

I also ended up with pink underwear but I don’t like to talk about that.

To be honest I have nothing against the actual Red Sox vs White Sox Series, even if, when the niceties aren’t observed, the conversations can get a little confusing:

‘The Sox looked good today.’

‘You kidding me? They were @#$%.’

‘The other Sox.’

‘Oh yeah. Right.’

That aside the Red Sox have historically done ok against the Chicago outfit, compiling a winning record against them down the years (1901 – 2007) that sees the head-to-head at something like 945 wins to 906 losses. To put that into perspective the Red Sox record across the same stretch against the Yankees is 915-1,099.

Yep, over the past 100 or so years we’ve had a good harvest against those Chicago Sox.

In the very current present we’re doing ok as well. The Red Sox played Game 3 of the current series at U.S. Cellular Field this morning off the back of consecutive wins in the 1st 2 dates. A quick recap shows that Boston took Game 1 10-3 before repeating that scoreline the next day.

I was going to write that up as déjà vu again but it’s not really déjà vu and that would have fired up the purists. The same people who get upset with the colour of your Red Sox gear are more than liable to get angry at my incorrect use of déjà vu. Particularly if they have a vague, unsubstantiated feeling that I’ve done it before.

Which would be actual déjà vu.

Please don’t write in.

So the Red Sox went in to the 3rd game with 2 wins and a 20-6 scoring differential. You could be forgiven for thinking that more runs would be foremost on the menu.

They weren’t.

Game 3 played out as a classic pitcher’s duel. Jon Lester on the mound for the Red Sox defied his poor early season form to see out 7 complete innings and 122 pitches for a paltry 5 hits and no runs. His opposite number, Jake Peavy was pretty good too, notching a complete game of 115 pitches, 4 hits and just the 1 run.

That 1 run for the record was a study in good fortune and great hustle. Ryan Sweeney blooped a hit to shallow right and improbably turned it into a double. Adrian Gonzalez then singled him home.

In the end the game came down to the Red Sox bullpen who had to protect that 1-0 lead across 2 innings. Franklin Morales was the 1st to try his luck and he did ok, snagging 2 outs for just the 1 hit, a single. Up to the plate came the .300 plus Paul Konerko and so Morales handed over to Vicente Padilla.

Padilla is a man who could out ugly me if I was wearing a pink dress. I hate to say that about another dude but man does his face look like it would scare a mob hatchet guy to death. I would provide an example for you to look at but the only picture I could find freaked me out – The eyes just follow you around the room.

And he backs that stare up – Padilla is currently 67th on the all-time hit batters list. He looks mean at you, like you dissed his mama, and then he beans you, like you dissed his mama.

He’s probably a lovely guy off the field.

This time he charitably walked Konerko, who possibly made his way to 1st keeping as far away from Padilla as possible, but then snagged Alex Rios on a ground out to end the innings.

For the 9th and the Red Sox turned to makeshift closer Alfredo Aceves. Aceves got 1 via a ground out and then had to face 2 consecutive pinch hitters, the wonderfully named Kosuke Fukudome and the dangerous A.J. Pierzynski. Possibly the White Sox plan was to get Fukudome on board and then have A.J. help him around for the tying run.

It didn’t work out for them.

Fukudome grounded out and Pierzynski struck out swinging. The Red Sox then notched up a 3-0 lead in the series and their 6th win in a row. It takes them to 10 and 10, a .500 record for the 1st time this season and only 20 games in. That’s 20 games less than it took in 2011.

That’s something to wave your hat at, regardless of whether it’s pink or not.

A final pink baseball reference – The 2nd Sunday in May is Mother’s Day in the US and in Australia. For a large number of baseball players it’s become a tradition to play the day with pink gear. Mostly it’s pink bats but sometimes you get catchers out there with pink protective gear. The idea is to raise money and awareness for women’s health initiatives, primarily the fight against breast cancer.

We do the same here in Australia via our major sporting codes at various times throughout the year – Our cricketers play a test match with pink bat handles, while the AFL holds numerous events that are tied in with the colour pink and are designed to raise awareness and funds to combat breast cancer.

Whatever your flavour of sport I guess it’s true that there are some very good reasons to wear pink. Even if you don’t look good in it.

In A World Full Of People You Can Lose Sight Of It All

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