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Soup of This Day #188: Every Move You Make

June 1, 2012

Pesky's Pole
The park is Fenway and the yellow pole looming at left of frame is Pesky’s Pole. Named for Johnny Pesky, who allegedly wrapped a game-winning homer round it 1 time, the right field foul pole is situated around 300 feet from home plate. The big yellow icon is just 1 of those local Fenway delicacies that fans can chew over – Photo: Xrichardjamesx, 2007. Xrichardjamesx is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

I got pulled over by the police this morning.

That’s always a scary thing for me. Not because I have a bad relationship with the fuzz – In truth I have no relationship with them at all – I’ve never had to call them and I’ve never really got into trouble with them either, bar some youthful hijinks which earned the occasional caution to calm down and put some clothes back on.

So I don’t really know what to say when I do get involved with the long arm of the law. It’s awkward because if we were all being totally honest the flow would go something like this:

Officer: Good morning sir, how are you?

Longworth72: A little bit nervous because you have a Gloch with 15 rounds in the mag. How about you?

Officer: Well I’ve attended a couple of domestic disturbances already today and I’m still tired from last night when I had to rock up to a fatal car accident. Otherwise I’m good.

Longworth72: Spiffy.

See, I respect the police – It’s just that I feel guilty every time they talk to me. Like I’ve done something wrong, even when I clearly haven’t. So being pulled over isn’t going to do wonders for my heart.

And the stop seriously delayed my progress to work.

I don’t like to be late.

It’s because of this that I have my route meticulously mapped out, not just in terms of distance and direction, but also time – I have checkpoints that I mentally run through and I have clock stops that I have to beat, a little like the old style arcade games.

1 of those key markers is a light pole on the freeway off-ramp. I have to pass that by 8:45 or my chances of making it by 9:00 are pretty limited. Pass the pole on the right side of the mark and I’m in play. Pass it on the other side and it’s a non-starter.

Consequently I have dubbed this light pole, Pesky’s Pole, after the right-field foul pole at Fenway Park. It’s not yellow, but it is big and I do have to pass it on my right to get home.

If you are a representative of the Western Australian Police then please don’t misunderstand me – I don’t race to make it to Pesky’s Pole – I drive within the law and while I’m forever learning as a driver, I keep it safe.

Unlike this guy…

… who is putting the ‘over’ back into ‘overtaking’.

Meet Conor Daly. He’s a 20 year old out of Noblesville, Indiana who races in the GP3 feeder series for Lotus GP. He’s having an eventful 2012, with a win in the 2nd race of the year just a few weeks past at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya, and now that eye-catching bit of aerobatics at Monaco on the weekend. Young Conor is ok but he might have learned a valuable lesson about leaving a safe distance between his car and the 1 in front.

To be fair to him though, in motor racing such collisions can be the fault of the car in front – If you’re covering off a chasing car you can only move to cover your line once – You can’t then move again to cover another line. This is the opposite to driving on Western Australian roads where it is the responsibility of the following driver to ensure that there is enough distance to safely stop in the case of an emergency.

Which I think is 1 reason I got the attention of the cops this morning. It was a random breath test stop and as the name implies the man and woman in blue were picking out a selection of cars to pull over. I aced the breath test, having not had any alcohol for the past few months, and when they checked my licence they found no demerits so it was mostly good.

The lead cop though did ask me if I knew the rule on a safe following distance. Sure, I said, It’s the 2s rule – You pick out an object, like a Pesky’s Pole and you should pass it 2s behind the car in front. The Man nodded at this in agreement but kindly pointed out that he was asking because he had the impression, just the impression mind, that I was a bit too close to the car in front as I’d come down the road, particularly as that car had slowed. Just something to keep an eye on, he told me before waving me on my merry way.

I can confirm now that despite the stop I made it to work on time, thanks in no small part to some accommodating Friday traffic. Along the way I slipped past Pesky’s Pole just on the correct side of 8:45 and I managed all of this while ensuring that I was a bit further behind the car in front than was strictly necessary.

All-in-all it’s a decent end to what has been an ok week – It’s certainly been a good Longworth72 sporting week – With the Red Sox returning to territory above .500 (Albeit with a loss this morning that dropped them back to 26 and 25), Liverpool FC getting a new manager in Brendan Rodgers, Mark Webber winning the Monaco GP (He avoided Conor Daly’s type of error by just being the guy in front for most of the race) and the Fremantle Dockers just carrying on being themselves. This coming week promises yet more sport and maybe, just maybe, after 37.5 weeks of worry, the birth of a brother for The Noah.

Have yourselves a safe and happy weekend. And if you’re a cop then may your chosen sporting teams shine for you – Here’s hoping that you don’t have to attend a serious car accident.

Every Move You Make

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  1. I totally understand the markers one uses to determine running time on commutes. There are certain areas one simply must get to by a certain point in the day in order to secure a reasonable ride to and fro. Have yourself a safe and happy weekend…especially if Noah The Sequel arrives!

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