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Soup of This Day #197: This Goes On And On Until The Dawn

June 18, 2012

Tiger Balm
Tiger Balm, white and red. This heat rub is great for those soft tissue sports injuries that require a little warmth. Just be sure to make sure your hands are washed after application before handling stuff downstairs – It’s a lesson you only need to learn 1 time – Photo: Steffen Buus Kristensen, 2010. Steffen Buus Kristensen is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

Every now and then I go over the posts I’ve written for this blog and I want to give myself some sort of grandiose title – Something like ‘Editor-In-Chief of Longworth72’ or maybe ‘President of Writing Operations for Longworth72.’

And I could too. Principally because I am the only direct contributor to Longworth72. I write the posts, review and edit them, select the images and soundtrack and moderate the links and comments. Don’t think though that my ego is writing checks my typing can’t cash – This blog is much more than my contribution – It relies on a supporting cast so much that without them there would be no blog, there’s no delusions from me around that. That’s ok though – I’m not looking to give myself a pompous title because I think I deserve 1.

Simply, I want a title because I’m taking ownership.

I am Longworth72.

I don’t mean that in a wanky commercial kind of way. You know, like in a TV advertisement for a bank – Everyman or Everywoman staring straight into camera and proudly stating, ‘I am MegaCom Bank.’

I’m sure you are mate. I was expecting that you’d look more like Ebenezer Scrooge before the ghosts visited but hey, what a refreshing surprise.

Meanwhile I’m still Longworth72.

I’m writing that out because I want to be seen to own this blog – I’ll share the credit for the good stuff but when there’s a mistake I want everyone to be under no illusions – That was me.

Yep, when I use an apostrophe in the possessive ‘it’s’ – All me. I use this example because it’s 1 of the mistakes which is guaranteed to fire up comments in my day job.

That and questioning Apple’s new line of anything.

Now that I think about it, I don’t get nearly enough comments on this blog so try this on for size:

Apples new MacBook Pro is flawed – Its missing it’s optical drive.

Feel free to email me in outrage via I own that email address and I’ll own the fallout to the above too.

That is the theme of this post – Taking ownership. It comes up because it’s a concept that the Boston Red Sox have been struggling with for some time now. You could make a case that it started at the end of August last year and thus aided and abetted the monumental September collapse.

Certainly the signs were there and whilst they were not major in of themselves when you package them up together they look pretty compelling – Beer and chicken in the clubhouse while your team-mates are battling it out in the park, ducking interviews and chances to talk through what went wrong, bizarre explanations that you tanked because God had that in his plan, denials that anything was wrong bar bad luck, and petulance at umpires, team-mates, fans and the media.

I’m not going into each of those – I’ve done that ad nauseam in previous posts, particularly in the immediate fall-out of September. I tailed off a little on the subject across the New Year, mostly because I was sick of reading about it myself and I figured we all got it.

Yeah, not so much.

The 2012 Boston Red Sox just keep repeating the same mistakes and trotting out the same tired lines in defence – Not that there is anything wrong mind, because the denial is still there.

Pitchers are still ducking questions after games, particularly when they’ve not gone well. Or if they went out and played golf while skipping a turn for a shoulder injury. Players are still coming out with the, ‘We’ve just got to keep playing, we’re hitting it good and it’s just bad luck that we’re hitting directly at the other guys.’ It’s all ok you see. Soon, without any extra work or a change in approach, @#$% will just mysteriously and providentially fall the way of the Boston Red Sox. God will ignore all of that other stuff going on in this world and will pay attention and diligence to a bunch of obscenely compensated and whiny ball-players who think that success will just fall into their laps.

And yeah, I said whiny – I’ve not caught a lot of games outside of the Sox this year but is there another outfit complaining as often as these guys? And those complaints are not productive – Jon Lester was pitching a nice little gem yesterday when he took exception to a couple of admittedly bad calls at the plate. He had himself a strop and then lost his control. The next thing that happened was that he coughed up a 3 run blast and a ballgame that was Boston’s for the taking was suddenly back in the mix.

It’s enough to make me appreciate Daisuke Matsuzaka – Not because he’s less erratic – He’s actually pictured in the dictionary next to the word ‘erratic’, having beaten out a manic depressive monkey on acid for the role. No, I like Dice-K because the enigmatic bugger hardly ever says anything. I even have this fond thought that he orders take-away food via a combo of Jedi mind control and subtle lifts of his eyebrows.

Of course the downside to that is that he hardly ever tries to explain what went wrong afterwards either. When they miss the signals and give him a calzone instead of the focaccia he probably just declines the chance to talk about it, instead digesting the offending food with no thought to how he can avoid the same thing happening next time.

Which is exactly why this whole ethos is so bloody frustrating – The Boston Red Sox would like us all to move beyond September 2011 but somehow they are forcing us to relive it. Over and over.

It’s Groundhog Day, minus the extraordinarily funny Bill Murray and the not-too-shabby-to-look-at Andie MacDowell.

About 600 words ago I suggested that you could postulate that this all started in August of last year.

I said you could because I can’t – For mine it started well before. This was a problem through 2011. And 2010. Hell, it was a problem since before 2004.

Yep, I said 2004. I know it’s sacred ground but seriously, we all called them a bunch of idiots. We revelled in it, proudly celebrated it – And why not? We needed a bunch of idiots to break up that curse. They did that and for a time looked like carrying that through as a recipe for sustained success. We had 2007 and the loose, laid-back Sox were building a dynasty around idiots.

In hindsight it might be a recipe that we all love to eat once in a while but it ain’t gonna satisfy the appetite night after night as a staple.

This pains me more than the time I didn’t wash my hands after applying Tiger Balm before going to the toilet but I’m going to go ahead and put it out there anyway:

Maybe its time to adopt some of the Yankee way of doing things?

Wonder how many of you noticed the missing apostrophe in that last sentence? I’ll own it if you did and I’ll work to make sure I get better at it at my next at bat.

This Goes On And On Until The Dawn

  1. The Phillies are 4-12 in June so far. And believe me, they OWN that record.

    • Yep – I just keep staring in astonishment at the Phillies – Credit to you – You called this 1 pre-season – But even so, 8 games out of 1st after 69 is a shock(er). They’re going to have to turn from home well back and then they’re going to have to run over the Mets and the Nats – Both of whom have looked good so far – Not to mention Atlanta and Miami aren’t pushovers either.

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