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Soup of This Day #199: Cannonball It Right Away

June 22, 2012

Kids at play
You know what Jerry, I reckon these kids can play – Photo: Charles Esson, 2009. Charles Esson is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

We were at a photo shoot this morning. My sister-in-law is a professional photographer so we took the opportunity to get photos of the freshly minted kid, The Angus, along with his immediate peeps: Mum, Dad, Nanna, Great Nanna and big brother, The Noah.

It was a combination of studio and outdoor shots and it turned out to be a gruelling morning’s work as we were ordered around in the search for the perfect shot.

Times 1000 it seemed.

If it was a drag for me then it was surely more so for the wee youngsters. The rebellious little dude, The Noah, found it particularly tiresome – He had to try on clothes and then pose with his smelly baby brother. That last bit involved a lot of being still – This is not The Noah’s forte – He’s more into constant motion than freeze frame – A permanent blur across the periphery of the action.

Still he exceeded expectations in comporting himself on the day – Allowing himself to be posed entwined with his oft cranky new-born brother with remarkably good grace. In part this is because he loves his hipster aunty – If she is asking him then there’s a fairer chance that he’ll listen than if say, his dad, is the requester.

It’s also because his dad had promised a reward for good behaviour – A surprise, unspecified at the time, that later became a die-cast set, consisting of a helicopter and ambulance. The Noah wants to be an ambulance driver – He also has designated the space beneath the desk I’m writing at as his helicopter cockpit. That toy combination therefore can’t miss and it didn’t.

There are no such material rewards for The Angus – At a shade over 9 days he’s just too young for any of this to resonate beyond the here and now. Which is pretty much about breasts.

The littlest tacker did ok though. Mostly – Perhaps annoyed at the lack of breasts at the time he did take a whizz on his mum once. In his defence, once the nappies are off so are the bets and you take what comes with a grin.

Particularly if it isn’t you that got pee’d on .

Aside from that incident though the event went swimmingly – The lads hit at the perfect pitch, resulting in some great shots.

These kids are ok.

Which is nice because that is the theme of this post…

This morning the Boston Red Sox hosted the Miami Marlins in the final rubber of a 3-game interleague series at Fenway. The Sox had taken the 1st 2 games, 7-5 and 15-5, so went in to this 1 in line for the sweep.

There’s a couple of patterns in those scorelines and at the middle of the 8th in this final game at least 1 of those trends was looking to be repeated today – The Marlins had their now-regulation 5 runs on board at that point.

Unfortunately the Red Sox had just the 3 and it looked for all the world as if those sporting fish had slipped off the hook, thus ending a Sox winning streak that had actually started 2 games prior to this series.

But the kids had something to say about that.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia isn’t the youngest pup going around but at 27 he’s a fair bit down on the man he took over from as the Sox chief catcher. Jason Varitek hung up his mask at the beginning of this season at age 40, 13 years Salty’s senior. Tek also had a shorter name – Saltalamacchia, at 14 characters, is the longest name in Major League Baseball (MLB) history. Which is why most just refer to him as Salty.

Salty doubled to lead off.

Will Middlebrooks has 4 less years to his name than Saltalamacchia and 2 less characters in his surname. He’s got some chops though that belie his youth – The kid has been a star since stepping up to fill the boots of an injured Kevin Youkilis. He has lacked a little nous, at times tending to be a bit of a slap hitter, taking a swing at everything. No matter though because he’s been hitting at a fair old clip – .316 so far in 2012. And when he does hit the ball it tends to stay hit for a while.

Middlebrooks went yard, bringing home Salty and tying the game at 5 apiece.

Next up was Ryan Kalish. Small name, big expectations around this kid. At 24 he’s still learning his craft but he projects well – His speed is something to behold. In his debut season, at just 22 the youngster led the Sox with 10 stolen bases, a product of some mean aggression on the bases.

Kalish singled but then turned a Mike Avilés ground-out into a base-eating play, sliding himself safely into 3rd.

Daniel Nava was the next at bat. He’s not as young as the others, having notched up 29 years of life. He is a youngster though in baseball terms, having logged just 95 games with his only MLB club, the Boston Red Sox. He hit a grand slam off of the 1st pitch he saw in the majors but his career looked done and dusted in 2011. Unclaimed off waivers though he persisted and with injuries trashing the Sox outfield he got another chance – This time around he’s been too compelling to ignore – In 2012 he’s knocking it about at .340 with 21 runs batted in off 106 at bats.

Including 1 this morning – A single that brought home Kalish for the go-ahead run, 6-5 to Boston.

And that was that for the runs from either side. The 29 year old Alfredo Aceves, the makeshift Sox closer, notched up his 18th save for the season and the Sox got their 5th win on the trot plus a sweep over a talented Marlins outfit. For those of you keeping score, that is 1 more save than the man Aceves has replaced – Jonathan Papelbon, now with the Phillies.

Credit the kids for this swept outcome. For sure there were great contributions from the likes of Big Papi, Cody Ross and Mike Avilés but the clutch plays seemed to flow through the young blood. The lads hit at the perfect pitch, resulting in some great shots.

These kids are ok.

And now I have to go – Apparently the helicopter is needed elsewhere.

Cannonball It Right Away

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