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Soup of This Day #200: Paint Myself In Blue And Red And Black And Grey

June 23, 2012

Iffley Road Running Track
The Oxford University running track, formerly known as the Iffley Road track. In May of 1954 a trio of runners, Chris Brasher, Chris Chataway and some guy known as Roger Bannister, did something rather special here – Photo: Steve Daniels, 2009. Steve Daniels is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

Hullo and welcome to this 200th broadcast of Soup of This Day. I thought I’d mark the occasion with a little bit of a confession:

I’m not that into soup.

Oh sure, it’s warm and hearty on a cold winter’s day – I’d even go so far as to say that when I’m feeling sick with say, a cold, a piping hot bowl of rich, creamy pumpkin soup goes down a treat, right down to the cockles of my heart. In that context there is definitely a place for soup in the Longworth72 world.

It’s just not getting a guernsey as a meal.

Primarily because soup is not a meal. It’s an opening gambit, an overnight watchman, a pace-setter even. It is not though the checkmate, the century-making batsman or Roger Bannister. That kind of heavy stuff is best left for a steak ( for carnivores) or a mushroom and garlic pizza (for vegos) or even perhaps Roger Bannister himself.

I’m not suggesting that you eat the 1st man to have run a sub-4 minute mile. Just that when it comes to emulating Roger Bannister the best example is actually Roger Bannister. And Roger Bannister is most definitely not soup.

Indeed, Roger Bannister is not an entrée. He’s clearly a main. On the 6th of May, 1954, at the Iffley Road Track in Oxford, England, he became the 1st person to run a mile under 4 minutes. On the way he was paced by 2 other runners, Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway. In this instance those latter 2 are entrées – They’re soup. This is evidenced by a. The part where, despite leading significant lives (Brasher co-founded the London Marathon whilst Chataway was instrumental in old school chums Norris and Ross McWhirter becoming the inaugural editors of the The Guinness Book of Records), they are a barely legible footnote to Bannister’s feat; and b. The fact that on the evening, after they had done their bit, Bannister lapped them – That’s what you do to soup – You lap it up.

Anyway, this is my 200th Soup and so there are some things to be said beyond my lack of appreciation for watery starters – First and foremost there is my thanks to all who read this stuff – Particularly those who regularly drop by. There have been a shade over 271,300 words thrown down by this blog and if you’ve paced yourself through a few laps of them then you’re a veritable Roger Bannister – Thank you.

If you are the actual Roger Bannister and you’re reading any of this then rest assured that in my opinion you are the Roger Bannister of Roger Bannisters. And thank you too.

My wife is not a Roger Bannister or indeed the Roger Bannister – Sub 4-minute miles don’t interest her – She is instead the support person who would make running a 4 minute mile look easy if I ever set out to do that. She’d be on the sidelines with a satisfied smile on her rather lovely face plus the fruits of the 6 million other things she’d have managed to do while I faffed around the running track.

For she performs a critical role – You see this blog takes it’s sense of humour cues from her – All of the jokes are written with the aim of making her laugh.

It’s a great laugh. Thanks babe.

And last but not least, this blog is written in part for The Noah and The Angus. Little dudes, this is your Dad speaking – 1 day you’ll read all of this gaff and hopefully know me a little better. And yes, I called your mother a babe – You’re going to have to deal with that kind of thing from this Dad.

When you’re both wading through all of this in the years to come, when I’ve lost all my teeth, north and south, reducing me to the consumption solely of soup, it will be easy to get lost in my rambling – So to help you out a bit, here’s the continuation of something I started with Soup #150 – For this 200th effort I present the images from the last 50 Soups and links to the words behind them:

Iffley Road trackKid goats at playWindow tax evasionTiger BalmMonarch butterfliesA Northern MockingbirdThe Great Red Spot on JupiterKing Arthur receives Excalibur from the Lady of the LakeNoah's Thanks OfferingLooe Island, CornwallA Flie's eye close-upPunch-card chadsPesky's Pole, Fenway ParkPongRobert DuvallSuper Formula, Donington Liverpool FC pitsMichael Schumacher at Monaco, 1992RockmelonsAdaptive optics artificial star creationBirthday candlesTractor with chisel ploughNew York City yellow taxisHadlock Field, PortlandFleabaneTanka post-bathJames's FlamingosDavid Ortiz in the batter's boxSnowmobilesSupernova remnant N 63A in the Large Magellanic CloudWingman in a Curtiss JN-4 ‘Jenny’The New Globe TheatreA Rainforest Rocket FrogBodiam Castle, East SussexAn 'Inverted Jenny'Liechtenstein cornfieldSummer storm over MiamiThe Titanic icebergCopper Canyon, northern MexicoBrown ratHMAS Rankin, Collins class submarineBrown PelicanNapoleon on the island of Saint HelenaSunset over Leek, EnglandThe North Face of Mount Everest55 Central Park WestGraham Hill, Lotus 49, Nürburgring, 1969Australian Rules Football, 1866Keirin race at Tachikawa Velodrome, TokyoNew York Herald composing room, 1902Proposed San Francisco Bay Bridge

Thank you all and may the god(s) of your choice bless you and yours.

Longworth72, aka Matt, aka Dad, June 2012.

Paint Myself In Blue And Red And Black And Grey

  1. Happy 200th Soup…and here’s to many, many more delicious servings in the future!

    • Thank you for reading and, in case I forget to mention it, for your many comments – Much appreciated.

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