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Soup of This Day #217: Makes Me Want To Try These Wings

July 19, 2012

F-14 Tomcat
A Grumman F-14 Tomcat in the 1970’s livery of VF-84, ‘Jolly Rogers’. The F-14 served in the US Navy for 32 years (From 1974 to 2006) as an air superiority fighter, capable of engaging opposing aircraft from hitherto unheard of ranges via it’s Aim-54 Phoenix missiles. It was also capable of Mach 2.34 just in case the pilot and his back-seatin’ Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) felt the need for speed – Photo: US Navy, c1970s. The US Navy is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

Last year I saw 1 of my literary and musical heroes, Kinky Friedman, do a gig at the Art Bar here in Perth, Western Australia. Among the many pieces of advice doled out by the Kinkster on the night was 1 that had relevance for anyone with an audience. It was pretty straightforward and was prompted by a lone, drunk and confused heckler – ‘Don’t ever engage just 1 member of your audience,’ was the message from the Texan.

Who then proceeded to do just that, matching his protagonist line for line.

I’m not copping any flak from my audience but I am going to follow Kinky’s lead and write a post that is largely aimed at just the 1 audience member. The rest of you can tag along – It may get a little loco at points along the ride but there’s nothing too brain-teasing going on so feel free to stick it out – Hopefully as it unravels you’ll understand why.

Today is the Birthday of Brother of Longworth72.

I was hoping that the Blue Jays would notch up a win for him in celebration but they appear not have got the memo. And since it is the off-season for his other 2 sporting teams, Everton FC and the Vancouver Canucks, about all I have left to offer then is to dedicate this post to him.

I’ll start with a recipe.

I need to stress that there is no metaphor in that – This is an actual recipe. You can make it and it will taste good – At least my memory is saying that it will – To be honest I haven’t eaten this for well over 20 years and I’ve never tried to make it myself. Nonetheless, I reckon it’s worth a shot…

The dish is called Billy Kee Chicken. It allegedly derives its name from a Chinese restaurant in Sydney, Australia that made the culinary creation famous in the 1970s. That may or may not be true – It doesn’t strike me as very Chinese. It does strike me as very 1970s.

You need to start off with some chicken – You can cut it up into small pieces or alternatively use drumsticks or thighs whole. Wings work especially well. Whatever rocks your roll, coat the chicken in an egg yolk mixture that has been seasoned to taste. Fry the chicken in a wok until golden brown before setting to 1 side, left or right – Your call.

In a bowl mix in 1/4 of a cup of Worcestershire sauce. If you can’t get Worcestershire sauce then give up at this point because it’s a key ingredient. As is good ol’ fashioned dead horse – Tomato ketchup – Pour in around 1/4 of that as well.

At this point you need some red wine. There are 2 options here according to the recipe I’m referencing off of the Net – You can drink it or mix in 1/4 of a cup to your saucy concoction. Mum didn’t do either that I recall and her Billy Kee Chicken was a winner so don’t stress over-much about the vino.

Now fire up your wok once more and dump the chicken and saucy goodness in all together. Stir it well – You want the chicken coated so liberally that it wants to vote for Ron Paul – and heat it through.

Give it 5 minutes and you’re done – Serve on a bed of steamed rice. Just plain old white long-grain will do – None of that hippy brown stuff or the trendy jasmine rice either.

And that’s your mains. For dessert I can recommend a deep dish apple pie with custard. Wash it all down with a pint of best and you can settle in for a night of good TV. Maybe a movie, like Where Eagles Dare, with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. Whatever you do watch Broadsword, maybe skip the baseball highlights – There aren’t any for a Blue Jays fan today as I will now summarise…

The Toronto Blue Jays had only 4 hits in a rain-shortened 7 innings game at Yankee Stadium. The New York Yankees on the other hand managed 12 hits in a rain shortened 7 innings game at Yankee Stadium. Sadly for Toronto fans both achievements were in the same game. In the end the Yankees parleyed their 12 hits into 6 runs, while the Jays forgot to parley at all and so recorded no runs.

To be fair to that wacky Canadian outfit they are without star outfielder José Bautista. José is on the 15-day Disabled List (DL) with a wrist problem. Which is probably carpal tunnel syndrome acquired from knocking the ball over the fence 27 times so far this season. That is a big omission in the Blue Jays offensive line-up.

There is some good news though – Designated Hitter (DH) Edwin Encarnación is having a stellar 2012 – He’s belted 25 long-shots and is batting at .298, significantly better than José’s .244.

And even with that loss Toronto is still only 3 wins out of a wild card slot and just 2 off of 2nd place in the American League (AL) East. Oh, Canada, you’re still in this thing. Ay.

Of course there is some stiff competition for the wild card slots in the AL right now with some very well-credentialled teams in the mix. There are 8 teams within 5 wins of the 2 slots up for grabs, including the Angels (50 wins), Orioles (47), Indians (47), A’s (47), Red Sox (47), Rays (47) and Blue Jays (45). The Detroit Tigers also sit, nicely poised within that group at 48 and 44, well in contention and ominously, after a bad stretch early, they have gone 22 and 13 in their last 35.

I’ve referenced the Tiges in particular because I once bought Brother of Longworth a Detroit baseball cap – The inspiration was that he was a fan of Magnum PI, in which the titular character, played by Tom Selleck, frequently wore a similar Tiges cap. Brother of Longworth72 isn’t a Tigers fan though and in truth a fair reason as to why he likes the show is that he has long coveted Robin Master’s Ferrari 308 GTS.

So much so that he has been known to rant at the TV when he thinks Selleck is not driving it right. ‘Change gear,’ you’ll here him plead, ‘just change GEAR!’

Which brings me to the final part of this post. It’s not really sport but it’s worth a view anyway. The following is a short film called, C’était un Rendezvous. It was made by mounting a camera on the bonnet of a car, which then speeds through early morning Paris in August 1976.

Sit back and crank up the sound…

A small note – This film was made illegally and, as can be seen, without much of a margin for safety. The driver allegedly had 1 assistant on a walkie-talkie at the arch as this was the only blind spot on the route where a pedestrian could get in the way of the charging car. As it happened the radio failed. Don’t try this at home kids. Or anywhere bar a gaming console.

The car in use is apparently a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9. The engine noise you here though is not from a V8 Merc – In order to get the proper amount of oomph into the engine notes the film-maker, Claude Lelouch, who was also the alleged driver, dubbed in the sound of his own car.

A V12 Ferrari 275GTB.

I think he nails the gear changes.

Happy Birthday to an awesome bro – Hope it’s a good 1.

Makes Me Want To Try These Wings

  1. Don’t try this at home indeed…loved that film!

    • It is a little bit special. My particular highlight is the sound as the driver runs through the gears through the final handful of corners – Classical rock that is.

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