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Soup of This Day #219: Like Sting I’m Tantric

July 21, 2012

Ephemera vulgata
A mayfly. Notoriously short-lived, their adult life-cycle can be from 30 minutes through to just 24 hours. They can spend a year or so pottering around in the water as a naiad prior to becoming an adult, so it’s not all bad – Photo: Slaunger, 2009. Slaunger is not affiliated with Longworth72. Image cropped by Longworth72.

This is my 7th post in 7 days. I didn’t set out to do that, at least not for the 1st 4 days. For those posts I was frenetically dumping baggage from my head-space – Being unwell had got me down and I sought solace in just writing, anything really.

But then on Thursday morning I was driving in to work when it struck me that maybe I had enough ideas to write 7 Soups on consecutive days. This concept is partly inspired by the phrase, ‘A week is a long time in x,’ where ‘x’ is football or baseball or the lifespan of an adult mayfly.

That’s 1 motivation. Another is simply because I can – That be the way I roll.

On Sunday I ran the rule over some sporting philosophies in the context of the Boston Red Sox visiting Tropicana Field to play the Rays and particularly the Red Sox’ utility wunderkind Pedro Ciriaco. Pedro was hitting at .625 with an OPS of 1.397 in the leadup to that post – A real hot streak, albeit across a fairly small sample of outings.

Now, a week later and Pedro’s numbers are a little more mortal – After this morning’s series opener against Toronto at Fenway, Pedro is still productively knocking it about at .366 and with an OPS of .869 but those numbers will fall further as the reality of the daily grind in the big leagues sets in for the minor league bolter.

Meanwhile the average attendance at Tropicana Field has taken a stumble – It was 20,776 7 days past and now it is 20,682. The drop would have been a slight rise but for the paltry crowd of 14,143 who turned up to a Friday night 14-innings battle with the Mariners. A week previous and 29,089 had rocked up to see the Rays host the Red Sox. In a show of karma the Rays lost against the Sox but eked out a walk-off against Seattle.

It’s hard to tell if many people noticed.

Monday’s Soup was around the English language and history, with special reference to Josh Beckett starting a game against the Rays. I mentioned that Beckett continued a recent trend among his fellow Sox starters by giving up 3 runs in the 1st before settling down nicely. Fortunately on that day he got some run support.

He was up again this morning and again he was dire early, conceding 2 runs in the 1st and the 2nd innings. This prompted me to check out the stats for runs conceded in the 1st innings in 2012 – Sure enough, at the time of writing Boston ranks last of 30 teams, gifting an average of 0.82 runs in the 1st innings. This is significantly up on 2011’s 0.59 and a decent way from Washington’s leagues’ best 0.38. In the 2nd innings Boston are a tighter outfit, yielding just 0.44 runs on average. That is still twice Washington’s 0.22, again the leagues’ stand-out.

All of that though is so much history. For this morning all that really mattered is that Josh got no run support and The Toronto Blue Jays took a 6-1 win.

And so on to Tuesday where I opined that proven stars like Cadel Evans and Mark Webber were getting trashed for being boring while Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow were garnering accolades off of nothing too special.

It’s been a big week for 2 of those in particular, Cadel and Jeremy. Cadel, apparently plagued by a stomach upset, failed to fire in the mountains during week 3 of the 2012 Tour de France. As such his defence of his 2011 triumph is all but in tatters. Going into tonight’s penultimate stage, a time-trial, he lies an insurmountable 9’57” off the lead and in 6th place – It would take a superhuman effort or a grand catastrophe for those above him for Cuddles to even make the podium.

He’s still a champ – That does not change.

Jeremy Lin meanwhile did not doing anything spectacular on the court but instead ended up inking a $25m/3 year deal with the Houston Rockets after the Texans backed the New York Knicks into a corner by tagging in a 3rd year $14.9m payment that had the Knicks matched, would have blown out their luxury tax bill. Lin isn’t expected to improve Houston substantially on court – It’s more about raising interest in the emerging Chinese market.

The deal does at least prevent a crossing of the streams-like meltdown if Linsanity and Tebowmania had ever occurred in the same enclosed space, even if the latter is just bubbling away below the surface for now.

Mark Webber has spent the week preparing for tomorrow’s German F1 GP. He’s up in qualifying tonight and isn’t overly optimistic about his chances, primarily because the German GP alternates between the Nurburgring and Hockenheim circuits and it is the latter’s turn this year. Mark does not like Hockenheim – His best there is a 6th. On the plus side for him that’s the past – F1 is an ever-evolving game as this rather wonderful video demonstrates:

If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, any of these cars will do. Any of them.

So there’s hope for Mark Webber in Germany but in Wednesday’s Soup the future looked grim for Luxembourg’s Frank Schleck. The bike riding superstar having tested positive after Stage 13 of this year’s Tour de France for a banned diuretic. Frank is, as is his right, pleading innocence and deploying a bewildered countenance when questioned over the test result. He requested his ‘B’ sample be tested in an attempt to clear his name. It’s not the 1st link to doping controversy for the brother of 2010 Tour champ Andy – This was never going to die down regardless of how the analysis of that ‘B’ sample panned out.

And it didn’t pan out well for Frank – The ‘B’ was an ‘F’ – As in ‘Fail’.

Thursday was the Birthday of Brother of Longworth72. Thursday’s Soup was therefore about stuff that interests him, including the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays were then just 5 wins behind the 1st of 2 wild card slots. After this morning’s triumph over the Red Sox that margin remains static. They are though still below .500, albeit by just the 1 game.

That post also contained the short film, C’était un Rendezvous, in which a car is driven illegally around the streets of Paris, apparently so that the driver can make a date with a blond.

The following involves the driving of a car around streets of a different kind. This is Californian rally driver Ken Block’s State-sanctioned trip through and around… And around… And around… San Francisco…

Probably don’t need to say this but seriously, do not try this at home kids – This man is a trained lunatic.

There’s no sign of a girl (or guy) at the end but presumably she (or he) was as smokin’ hot as Block’s tyres.

And now we come to last night’s Soup, Friday and the end of the working week. My post for that beautiful day harked back to last Saturday and charted the 1st win of the season for the Gold Coast Suns via an after-the-siren goal for prized code-jumper Karmichael Hunt.

Which is fitting because the Suns were again up for action tonight and it was once more a thriller. This time it was against fellow Queensland outfit the Brisbane Lions and it was played at the Suns home, Metricon Stadium. 7 days ago the Suns had not lodged a home win since joining the AFL last year.

7 days later and they still haven’t.

This time it was the Gold Coasters who were on the awkward end of a dramatic finish – They lost by 11 points, with the result in doubt until the dying seconds of the game. There was no fairytale finish 2 weeks running for Karmichael Hunt then – He himself was quiet, with just the 13 disposals and no scores to his name.

Which is more than twice the average number of possessions his fellow ex-NRL star Israel Forlau, has managed in 8 games for the fledgling Greater Western Sydney. They, with Izzy named at full-forward, are up tomorrow. They’ve travelled across to Perth to tackle the Fremantle Dockers and will do well to not get a shellacking from the in-form Dockers. Izzy will do well to add to the 1 goal he’s so far been credited with in his short AFL career.

Good luck to the lad anyway. I hope Freo wins of course, and wins big for the percentage boost it will provide, but the best of luck to Izzy nonetheless.

So there you have it – 7 Soups in 7 days and how to keep Longworth72’s mind from running too wild in 7 ways.

Enjoy the weekend, much thanks for reading and I’ll catch you all on the flipside.

Peace and out – Longworth72.

Like Sting I’m Tantric

  1. Bit of irony here. I’ve essentially stopped blogging completely and you’ve become an “X-Man” of sorts with all your activity. Week well done!

    • I love the ‘X-man’ tag. Unfortunately I’ve been wiped out this week by a combination of the flu and a gallstone attack so my level of blogging is taking a hit. It’s the 1st time in a while that I haven’t felt like writing – X-man wiped out by blocked sinuses doesn’t ring true.

      Everyone has their reasons and priorities – I respect that. I hope though that you don’t chuck away the blogging. I do as much reading as I do writing and your stuff stands out.

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