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This blog is written by Longworth72, largely based upon the voices inside his head that like to discuss sport. If you plagiarise this stuff, copy it without fair attribution, then: a. You are unauthentic, which cool people will pick up on and shun you for; and b. Your own voices won’t have an outlet and you’ll wind up going bonkers.

That’s not to say that Longworth72 is not heavily influenced by others or indeed derivative. I myself see this work as reminiscent of a young Goscinny or Uderzo, whichever wrote the words for the Asterix books.

Except of course that I’m not French, that consistently funny, or even young. Neither do I base my writing around a village in Gaul holding out against the numerically and technologically superior Romans, thanks to a magical Druidic potion.

Apart from all that we’re simpatico.

If you do see some aspect of my work which you feel has not given due credit to another source then please email me via

If however you wish to use some of my work then please credit as appropriate and if possible drop me a line to say hi and to tell me what you’re up to. If you’re my wife you could also mention what you’re wearing.

Kind regards,


April, 2014

PS. Someone pay me for this stuff. The voices want to buy a 3.5 foot-long Lego Millennium Falcon. And an ice cream.

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